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Médicibis Privacy Policy

MÉDICIBIS commitment to its customer

MÉDICIBIS takes your privacy seriously. This Privacy Policy (the “Privacy Policy”) details how your personal information is collected, used and disclosed by Médicibis.

MÉDICIBIS is proud of its commitment to protecting your privacy and transparency. If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or any privacy concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us at

This Privacy Policy is based on the Canadian Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act and the relevant provincial laws relating to the collection, use and protection of health information, such as the Privacy Act. Ontarians’ health information.

To provide you with products and services while complying with applicable laws and regulations, MÉDICIBIS must be aware of some of your personal information.

You have the right to know how MÉDICIBIS collects, uses and discloses your personal information and to correct it if it is incorrect. You can be assured that to the best of your ability, MÉDICIBIS will ensure that your personal information remains accurate, confidential and secure.

How to collect and use your personal information

MÉDICIBIS collects, uses and discloses personal information only for purposes that are reasonable in the circumstances, and only personal information necessary to provide its services. Personal information is collected directly from the individual, their authorized representatives or other medical training, licensing, regulatory or credential verification organizations. MÉDICIBIS uses only fair and lawful methods to collect personal information.

Use of personal information is limited to the purposes described in this Privacy Policy or otherwise mentioned at the time of collection. MÉDICIBIS does not sell, trade, trade or disclose personal information that it has obtained.

MÉDICIBIS uses your personal information only for the following purposes:

  1. to process your application for registration and determine your eligibility for its products and services;
  2. to verify your medical declaration, your identity and the other documents you provide;

iii. to offer you products and services and better understand your needs in this area;

  1. to process the payment of its goods and services;
  2. to meet legal and regulatory requirements;
  3. for other purposes compatible with these objectives.

Because MÉDICIBIS appreciates your trust, it will only ask you for the personal information it needs. If it happens however that it asks you others, the reason will be given to you.

Periods and Recipients of the Disclosure of Your Personal Information

When MÉDICIBIS discloses personal information to organizations that provide services on its behalf, it requires these organizations to use it only for the purpose of providing services to MÉDICIBIS or the individual and developing appropriate safeguards to protect this personal information.

MÉDICIBIS may disclose your personal information:

  1. individuals or organizations that are its service providers;
  2. individuals or organizations involved in the maintenance, review and development of its operating procedures, infrastructure and systems, including the testing or upgrading of its computer systems.

Note that under certain circumstances, MÉDICIBIS may be authorized or required, under applicable privacy laws, to disclose personal information without consent. These circumstances are as follows:

  1. a law, court, administrative body or governmental tribunal so require;
  2. MÉDICIBIS reasonably believes that it is necessary to protect the rights, privacy, security or property of an identifiable individual or group;

iii. to establish or recover amounts owing to MÉDICIBIS;

  1. to allow MÉDICIBIS to take legal action or limit the damages it may suffer.

A record is kept whenever personal information is disclosed. It indicates the nature of the disclosure, the date and the identity of the party to whom the disclosure was made, provided, however, that individual records of disclosure are not retained for regular or routine procedures such as the transfer of personal information to companies acting as agents of MÉDICIBIS.


By providing MÉDICIBIS with personal information, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with this Privacy Policy and any document that you have signed or delivered to MÉDICIBIS. Except as permitted by applicable privacy laws, this Privacy Policy or any document that you have signed or delivered to MÉDICIBIS, MÉDICIBIS will not collect, use or disclose your personal information without your consent.

You may refuse to consent to the collection, use or disclosure of your personal information, or withdraw it at any time by giving MÉDICIBIS reasonable notice, provided that your refusal or withdrawal of consent does not limit the ability of MÉDICIBIS to provide its services and to comply with applicable laws regarding personal information in its possession and does not limit any rights that MÉDICIBIS has under this Privacy Policy or documents that you have signed and / or surrendered to MÉDICIBIS If you refuse to give your consent, you may not be eligible to become a MÉDICIBIS customer.

If you do not want MÉDICIBIS to contact you by e-mail, mail or telephone or to share your personal information with other MÉDICIBIS partners, you may make arrangements with MÉDICIBIS offices subject to the rights that MÉDICIBIS may have to disclose your personal information under applicable law, this Privacy Policy or any document that you have signed and / or surrendered to MÉDICIBIS under this Privacy Policy.

Changes to this Privacy Policy

From time to time, MÉDICIBIS may make changes to this Privacy Policy to better reflect privacy laws or best practices in the normal course of business or to serve you better. You understand and agree that you are responsible for periodically reviewing any changes to this Privacy Policy. In the event that MÉDICIBIS makes a material change to this Privacy Policy, MÉDICIBIS will make reasonable efforts to bring your attention to these changes.

Accuracy of your personal information

Although MÉDICIBIS makes sure that the personal information it holds about you is accurate, complete and up to date, it does not update your personal information regularly unless it is needed. It is your responsibility to inform MÉDICIBIS promptly of any changes to your personal information. From time to time, MÉDICIBIS will verify the personal information you provide as part of its normal process of customer verification or customer service. This procedure may include checking other elements of your personal information with associated stakeholders.

If you believe that personal information on your records is inaccurate, MÉDICIBIS will facilitate your access, verification and updating. If inaccurate personal information has been provided to third parties, MÉDICIBIS will forward the corrected information to them, if necessary.

If MÉDICIBIS does not agree to change your personal information, you may object to it. It will take note of this challenge and, if necessary, will share it with third parties who also have this personal information.

Keeping your personal information

MÉDICIBIS only retains your personal information to the extent that it is necessary for the purposes for which it was collected. The length of time MÉDICIBIS retains your personal information varies depending on the purpose of the collection and the nature of the information. This period may extend beyond the end of your relationship with MÉDICIBIS, but it will only last as long as it takes for MÉDICIBIS to have enough information to respond to any issues that may arise at a later date. When your personal information is no longer required for established purposes, procedures are in place to destroy, delete, erase or convert to anonymous forms.

At present, MÉDICIBIS primarily holds your personal information in Ontario, Canada. It uses licensed, secure and off-site digital storage facilities located in Canada that do not transmit or store data outside of Canada.

Access to your personal information

MÉDICIBIS allows you to access and access your personal information. It will respond to a request for access within a reasonable time and generally within thirty (30) days of the request.

You can view your account information online. To review other personal information that MÉDICIBIS has about you, simply submit a written request to the Privacy Officer. Personal information will be collected from your records at MÉDICIBIS and will normally be produced within thirty (30) days of your request. There may be times when you will be required to collect a complete list of personal information, in which case you will be notified, which will allow you to withdraw your request if necessary.

If you have a sensory disability and report it when you apply, MÉDICIBIS will give you access to your personal information in another format, if applicable. If necessary and reasonably practicable, it will convert the personal information into another format.

MÉDICIBIS may not always be able to provide you with your personal information under its control. For example, it will not provide you with personal information under its control if:

  1. they may interfere with or interfere with the law enforcement and other investigative or regulatory functions of a body authorized by law to perform such functions;
  2. they would result in the disclosure of personal information, including opinions, about another person or a deceased person;

iii. they would result in the disclosure of trade secrets or other confidential or proprietary business information of MÉDICIBIS;

  1. they would interfere with contractual or other negotiations of MÉDICIBIS or a third party;
  2. It cannot be recovered easily, and the cost of production for you would be disproportionate to their nature or value;
  3. they do not exist; they are not under the care of MÉDICIBIS cannot find them;

vii. they are subject to solicitor-client privilege, litigation privilege or other legal privilege.

If MÉDICIBIS rejects your request for access to personal information, they will give you the reason, unless prohibited by law. You can challenge this decision.

Once you have the personal information, it’s up to you to check for accuracy and to indicate if you need to make any corrections. If appropriate supporting documentation is provided, MÉDICIBIS will correct its records or take note of the differences. If personal information has been provided to third parties, MÉDICIBIS will provide corrected information or changes as required.

Security of your personal information

MÉDICIBIS, its staff and partners are committed to protecting the security of the personal information you choose to share.

MÉDICIBIS has appointed a privacy officer, who is also a member of senior management. The Privacy Officer is responsible for coordinating all aspects of privacy protection and compliance with this Privacy Policy. You may contact MÉDICIBIS at

Although MÉDICIBIS senior management is responsible for the protection of personal information under its control, it delegates daily responsibility to other members of the company. Every employee of MÉDICIBIS, as a condition of his / her retention, assumes the responsibility to protect the privacy, confidentiality and security of personal information. This obligation remains in effect even after an employee leaves MÉDICIBIS. Service providers in MÉDICIBIS, such as e-commerce and credential verification businesses, cannot perform their duties without signing contracts that require them to protect the privacy and confidentiality of the personal information entrusted to them.

MÉDICIBIS also has extensive controls to ensure the security of its operations and

information systems:

  1. physical access to areas where personal information is collected, processed or retained is restricted to authorized employees;
  2. appropriate controls are in place for computer systems and data processing procedures, and these controls are reviewed on an ongoing basis to ensure compliance with MÉDICIBIS privacy and security policies;

iii. MÉDICIBIS will properly dispose of, all personal information that is no longer useful; or required

  1. When personal information is properly dispose or erased, MÉDICIBIS ensures that there is no unauthorized access.

2.Non-personal information

Non-personal information is information that cannot be used to identify you, such as browser information and program data that record page selections on the website.

MÉDICIBIS website may use “cookies” to collect personal information about you in order to help MÉDICIBIS provide you with products and services in a more tailored way. “Cookies” are small text files sent to your browser files for reference purposes. They allow MÉDICIBIS server to recognize you when you return to their website and retain your preferences. If you do not wish to receive cookies, consult your browser’s help menu to disable the use of cookies.