Making people

a priority!

Cultivating respect

and quality.

A top-flight team to meet

the increasing demand.

Making a difference by facilitating the evolution of a new generation of healthcare.

A family

Médicibis is the project of a family who has been working in horticulture and has owned a nursery for 32 years.

It is therefore with confidence and passion that the owners decided to launch a new project: medical cannabis production. Aspiring to become leaders in this growing industry, the owners are proud to offer top-quality products and to gather a team of skilled professionals who care about the well-being of those around them; colleagues, partners and clients.

Our Vision

Our team’s vast experience in botany and horticulture helps us to ensure the production of top-quality cannabis.

To ensure the medium and long-term growth of Médicibis, we are building on our team’s thoroughness and expertise. We also focus on ongoing training and the maintenance of a dynamic, healthy and respectful work atmosphere.

In terms of production, our goal is to continue meeting the demand by offering products that transcend the industry’s quality standards. In the long term, we would like to make our production entirely organic and wish to develop a second market in Europe.

Our Mission

Supported by a passionate and skilled team dedicated to the natural culture of high-quality cannabis, Médicibis is a medical cannabis producer that offers an alternative exceeding industry standards.

Our Values

The values of Médicibis not only dictate the work environment and behaviour of our team, but also the nature of the relationships that we wish to build with our collaborators and partners.

Our rigorous processes and quality products stem from the fact that we make people and health a priority. Here are the 4 values that define and guide the Médicibis team:


Our products

The medical cannabis products offered by Médicibis have been and continue to be developed in such a way as to meet the demand and specific needs of a large clientele.

Our plants are cultivated and maintained to offer an organic and top-quality crop. We have a wide selection of products with all the distinct characteristics to meet any specific demand or need.

Our rigorous production processes allow us to offer quality medical cannabis and therefore, heal people differently with tailor-made products cultivated with a personal touch.

Contact us for more information on the benefits and various attributes of our varieties of medical cannabis.

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Meeting demands, offering quality products and always making people’s well-being a priority!